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Old 18th January 2002, 17:26
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gguymer gguymer is offline
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Baan: Baan IVc4 SP12 - DB: Oracle 8i, 9i - OS: AIX 4.3, 5.3
Postscript to my initial post

We thought this optimizer setting was the magic bullet, but it turns out that it wasn't. We were desperate to try anything. Since then we have stepped back and looked at the whole picture. We have noticed that our database server's paging has gone way up which indicates not enough memory. Past experiences related by other Baan/Oracle upgrades indicated that Oracle 8i consumes more memory. So, we are going to add more memory and see what happens. Lately, I have personally spent a great deal of time reseaching Oracle memory tuning. Most of you know that there are three areas that bear looking at, and they are the Library cache, Dictionary cache, Block Buffer cache hit ratios when dealing with efficient Oracle memory usage. There are several queries based on V$ views that can be used to evaluate these that Oracle and several others provide for this purpose. Another tool that is new to Oracle 8i is STATSPACK and if you haven't installed it, do so. There is a web page that Oracle pointed me to that takes the output from the STATPACK report script and creates another report that provides a higher level of interpretation and advice for you to look at. The nice thing about it is that it is free. The information is only as useful as your understanding of Oracle internal workings. It is located at:, and it works for either STATSPACK or UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT outputs. One thing that Baan Tools support has recommended that we haven't tried yet is to revert back to the Baan/Oracle 7 driver. They have indicated that it has reduced memory usage and provided better performance for some customers. One question they asked us before they suggested it was, "Is your database using the US7ASCII characterset?" If yes, then try it, otherwise its not recommended. We are not sure if we want to try this just yet. I'll keep you posted on our progress.
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Old 20th January 2002, 07:55
zaidlaz zaidlaz is offline
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Baan: B4C4 SP14 - DB: Oracle - OS: Windows Adv Server SP4
Smile Oracle Performance Issue


After reading thru this thread I would like to highlight that baan is really an I/O intensive application. Nevertheless your RAID controller card performance plays an important part in giving you the performance required. Not to mentioned how you organised your oracle datafiles. Placing your biggest table in a tablespaces of it's own might help too. For PC Servers the latest of the RAID supports the ULTRA 160s and I believe the ULTRA 320 or more in on the way...

Best Wishes,
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Old 26th January 2002, 00:43
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Baan: IVc2 - DB: Oracle 8.1.6 - OS: NT 4.0
Performace Tuning

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know anyhing about Locally Managed Tablespaces?
Could this be my problem? (slow baan sessions)
When I issue a
select tablespace_name, extent_management
from dba_tablespaces;

Each tablespace has a value of 'Dictionary' in Extent_management.

- How do I set my tablespaces to Locally Managed?
- Do I want to?

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Old 26th January 2002, 07:39
zaidlaz zaidlaz is offline
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: Singapore - been there done that?
Posts: 49
zaidlaz is on a distinguished road
Baan: B4C4 SP14 - DB: Oracle - OS: Windows Adv Server SP4
Locally managed tablespace only in 8i & above
In Oracle 8.1.6, you may now migrate dictionary managed tablespaces to locally managed tablespaces, where in 8.1.5 this was not possible.

**Reduced recursive space management
**Reduced contention on data dictionary tables
**No rollback generated
**No coalescing required

example (assuming that the database block is 2k)
DATAFILE 'file_tdsls040_1.dbf' SIZE 500M

This statement creates a locally managed tablespace in which every extent is 128K and each bit in the bit map describes 64 blocks. In essence, if we assume a default database block size of 2K, and that each bit in the map represents one extent (128K), then each bit maps (128k UNIFORM SIZE / 2k ORACLE BLOCK SIZE) 64 oracle blocks.

Additional steps in Baan
1) bdbpre table tdsls040

2) ** You need to drop the table tdsls040 from it's old tablespace

3) Edit for ora_storage

3) bdbpost table tdsls040 (The data of this table will be updated to the new tablespace TDSLS040_1)

*** PS: The above steps require you to be in a careful, clear state of mind. This is an example to give you an idea of how you can improve your access to large baan tables but it is not the ultimate & the best solution coz it all depends on the current state of your Baan system (both hardware & software)***

All the above will enhance your performance to a certain extent nevertheless it would be beneficial if you also analyse your I/O problem from the hardware point of view.

Best Wishes,

Last edited by zaidlaz : 26th January 2002 at 07:57.
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Old 26th January 2002, 13:07
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Baan: All - DB: Oracle/ms-sql/db2 - OS: *nix/windows
Convert existing TS

You can convert existing TS as well by means of the dbms_space_admin package.

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