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Old 2nd September 2008, 22:10
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2008 Nr. 1

The Newsletter 2008 Nr. 1


0) Introduction
1) Sponsor news
2) Ometa customer case
3) Forum & CMS integration
4) 7th birthday
5) Call for new forum moderators
6) Holidays!
7) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction


With a good bit of delay we are pushing out the first newsletter of this year
to all all members. 2008 has been a busy and eventful year so far with the
site undergoing major changes (more about that below). Many of us are
finishing their summer holidays around this time and this presents a good
opportunity to send out an update of what has been going so far in 2008.


1) Sponsor news

a] Since our last newsletter, Baanboard has managed to attract 3 new sponsors:

OST (Open System Technologies) signed up for a 12 months front page sponsorship.

About OST:
What do you look for in an IT partner? Brilliant solutions? Of course. But how
about brilliant solutions coming from friendly, likable people? That’s our modus
operandi at OST. And it’s what’s made our last few years such a whirlwind of
growth. Like having Inc. 5,000 put us on their 2007 list of fastest growing
private companies. And being recently named to CRN’s prestigious FastGrowth100
for two years running. So come on in, kick the tires, and take a look around.
We’ve got lots of very sharp folks standing by to take the stress out of your
most complex IT needs. You’ll be glad you stopped by at

Ometa signed up for a 6 months sponsorship. Ometa is sponsoring the "Pages &
Stories" forum.

About Ometa:
Ometa is specialized in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We perform ECM
studies which result in a full content analysis study, the design of an ECM
road map, the selection of the appropriate applications and the implementation
of content centric applications.
Ometa designs solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Technology to capture,
manage, publish and archive unstructured (e-mails, documents, presentations,…)
and structured (by ERP) business data. Our experience in ECM resulted in the
development of components extending the standard SharePoint functions.
For more info please visit

ESS (Edinburgh System Support) signed up for a 6 months front page sponsorship.

About ESS
All Finance departments face growing pressure from more demanding reporting
requirements, increasing the burden on both the users and their financial systems.
As finance professionals who have experienced this issue first-hand, we at ESS
are committed to developing solutions, written in a language that all finance
users will understand and which will make their lives easier.
ESS is pleased to announce the availability of its new exciting product for the
BAAN Finance user - Essential Spreadsheet Server
(, a unique analytical tool completely
integrated with Microsoft Excel that retrieves Dimension/Account information
direct from the BAAN need to run a BAAN report and export it,
this is “real-time reporting” with full drill-down capability to final
transaction detail from the BAAN Financial Ledgers, all within Excel!
Already used by over 3,000 customers with a 100,000 plus users in 39 countries
world-wide across all the major ERP platforms, Essential Spreadsheet Server is a
must-have for any BAAN Finance user!
To see it first-hand, come to the UK BAAN User Group on 16th October 2008....
but if you can't wait until then, contact to
request product details and book a Webex. Remember, getting the best from your
financial systems isn't just important - it's ESSential!"

b] Following sponsors have opted to extend their current sponsorship and we would
like to thank them again for their continued support:

* e-Ventus. See
* Neustro Consulting. See
* Migration Labs. see
* Abassy. See
* Xpert Technical Services. See
* EFS Technology. See
* BridgeLogix. See
* Infor. See


2) Ometa customer case

Heijmans Infrastructure uses a Time Registration Portal in MS SharePoint
integrated with their Baan application.

For Heijmans Infrastructure, a division of the Heijmans Group (largest construc-
tion company of The Netherlands -11600 employees), time registration is crucial.
It is one of the most important elements to measure project progress and costs.
Until recent project managers filled out time sheets in MS Excel and a central
admin unit entered the data in their Baan application. Now Ometa has developed
a Time Registration Portal on top of their Baan application. The MS Excel time
sheet is omitted as the project managers directly use the portal to make the
time entries. It results in higher efficiency and data quality.
This is only one example of the generic framework Ometa has developed to read,
insert and update data in your Baan application via SharePoint Portals. You can
now combine the robustness of your Baan application with the concepts of
MS SharePoint (e.g. user friendliness, integration with MS Office, approval
workflows, etc.).
Ometa is specialized in Enterprise Content Management and develops solutions
to optimize your business processes using Microsoft SharePoint Technology
Read the full customer case of Heijmans on


3) Forum & CMS integration

If you have not visited for a while, you may find find that a new
visit to our site will be a worthwhile spending of your time. On the 1st of June
we released a major upgrade. The never-popular Wiki was replaced with a full-
blown CMS solution (Drupal) that integrates tightly with the forum. Some of main
new features and/or advantages of the new site release are:

* re-designed front page (portal style) with a context-sensitive navigation panel
* single sign-on for the entire site
* individual member blogs
* advanced commenting system that leverages from a set of new forums
(under the "CMS - Forum Integration" category)
* dedicated job market place
* power search capabilities that include keyword & category search

There are many more new and interesting features that you may want to discover.
We recommend that you browse around the site and take a look at the new Baanboard

For more information on the new site release, please refer to this FAQ:

Note that we also released a new/updated Terms of Service ("TOS") and Privacy
Policy. They can be consulted at following URLs:,


4) 7th birthday!

Last month celebrated its 7th birthday. With 7 years under our
belt we have seen and learned a great deal of things. The continued success of
the site sets a positive signal for another 7 good years.

So where do we go from here? With the arrival of the integrated CMS/Forum
integration (see above) can more and better information to the
Baan community as a whole. In any case our forum will remain the pivotal
component of our community site. But some of the things that may came to pass
are for example integrations of our Baan site/user groups into
Ideas and thoughts, feedback and criticism are always welcome on our forum or
privately at


5) Call for new forum moderators

As a regular habit, we launch a request for new forum moderators. Moderators
play an important and visible part in the well functioning of our forum. If you
are interested in helping out by becoming either a moderator or super-moderator,
then send an e-mail to

Note that we do require a very regular presence on the site of super-moderators!


6) Holidays!

Your boardmaster is going on holidays from Sept 5th until Sept 21st. During this
period I will not have access to the site but will be able to read my baanboard
mail on an occasional basis. Please contact me on boardmaster@baanboard for any
urgent and/or important business.


7) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsibility for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2008

Patrick Van der Veken - Admin & Founder - (c) 2001-2018
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