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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Old 14th September 2007, 09:33
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Baan: n/a - DB: n/a - OS: AIX, HP-UX, Linux Newsletter 2007 Nr. 2

The Newsletter 2007 Nr. 2


0) Introduction
1) Sponsor news
2) 6th Birthday
3) New server
4) What do YOU want to see on
5) Did you know?
6) About and this newsletter


0) Introduction

Hi, baanboard member!

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2007. Summer holidays are over and most of
us probably have their noses back to the grind stone. Here is some fresh news
on your favorite forum in case you missed it during the holidays!


1) Sponsor news

a] Since our last newsletter, Baanboard has managed to attract 1 new sponsor:

Jewelex Creations signed up for a 6 months sponsorship. Jewelex Creations is
sponsoring the "Polls & Surveys" forum.

About Jewelex Creations:
Jewelex - a leading Baan customer in India has discovered many jewels of Baan.
It was quick to visualize that versatility of Baan native data dictionary need
to be combined with the power of MS Excel and multi-dimensional pivot table.
So it created a reporting tool to extract (data from any Baan report / any baan
table in a user friendly manner tackling all complexities and to load the same
into MS Excel along with lot of flexibilities like calculated items, hierarchies,
user-defined functions etc. It is different from present output formatting
approaches in that it does not act through a device, original report (layout
and output) remains in tact and additional excel output comes to authorized

The reporting tool - named ERPJewels is developed in a modular manner in package
'tu' module 'dll' not affecting any standard or any other components. Now more
and more reliable and analytical MIS in Excel is generated leading to better
well informed decision making. Over a period of time, Jewelex has built a
repository of about 800 analyses (besides many excellent Baan reports) with an
average about 50 run for each analyses and about 50 analytical users using the
output from this tool. 4 times baan license growth is a testimony to the success
of the tool. For more info please visit or send an
email to

b] Following sponsors have opted to extend their current sponsorship and we would
like to thank them also for their continued support:

* BridgeLogix. See
* Neustro Consulting. See


2) 6th Birthday

In case you are wondering how long has been around: last month we
passed over the 6th year mark. It proves that maintaining a strong cummunity
over a longer period of time is indeed possible. Let's go for 10 now and throw
a big party then


3) New server

The site is now running on a totally new, shiny server. It is a
HP Proliant DL360G5 with a 2 Ghz DC core, 2 GB RAM and plenty of disk space.
The box also has a 4yrs next-business-day on-site hardware support contract.
Slowly we have migrated all the necessary bits and pieces from the old server
and the work was completed during the summer holidays. The old web server has
been "recycled" into a backup server (running Bacula) and is located just
underneath the web server in the rack.

If you want to see some pictures of our new server then go here:


4) What do YOU want to see on

I am calling for new suggestions on how to improve the site. Whether you want
to propose changes to the existing features or totally new things, anything
goes. Call it a "brainstorm" exercise. I am however looking for realistic goals
and together with new ideas volunteers to make these happen are also welcome.
Based on the feedback I will select a number of ideas that I think can be made
reality and if there too many, we can have of course have a vote on what is the
most popular etc.

Please post your ideas and suggestions here:


5) Did you know?

You can submit a search to the forum with a URL, just like you can with the
search form? The basic URL is:< searchword >

Where searchword is the word for which you are searching.

Here is a list of the extra search parameters you can add to the URL. Some
controlling parameters can be added to list as well. You can read more about
this on this Wiki page:

Thanks to our moderator George7a for this tip!


6) About and this newsletter is a non-profit community driven website aiming to provide help
and information for and by Baan users and developers.

This newsletter is sent to all members. There is no fixed
interval by which this newsletter and future editions will be published.

Disclaimer: Baanboard takes no responsibility for the content nor correctness
of the messages and/or documents sent through its bulletin board, email systems
and/or web sites.

Contact us at:

(c), 2001-2007
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