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Old 11th July 2006, 17:12
dorleta's Avatar
dorleta dorleta is offline
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Baan: BaanIV - DB: All - OS: All
page x of y, another solution.

When baan is running a report, the report is saved in a tmp file, this tmp file is sent to the device when the report is closed.

This solution is based in the modification of this tmp file before is sent to the device. In a first step I count the times that the "tag" "Página" (Spanish version" ) appear. (It is posible avoid this step exporting the total pages from the report script) and after rewrite this tmp file adding the total pages.

It´s a primitive solution but works fine.

In the program script :
	if,"",1) then
and the function ( one include maybe a smart solution)
function	paginar()

	table	tttaad320
	#define RECORD.LENGHT	2000
	long fichero
|	string carro(10)
	#define 	NEW.PAGE.ID  "Página"

	long mipag
	domain	tcmcs.str100, file.tmp.str
	long file, file.tmp, ret , car
	string	record(RECORD.LENGHT)

|	carro = ff$()

|	mipag = lattr.pageno
	mipag = 0

	seq.close(g.lfn)  = g.tmp.file

        	| ** contar el número de páginas tb podría obtenerse exportando desde listado
	file =, "r")
	seq.gets( record, RECORD.LENGHT, file)
	while not seq.eof(file)
		car = rpos( record, NEW.PAGE.ID )
		if  car then
			mipag = mipag + 1
		seq.gets( record, RECORD.LENGHT, file)
		| **

	file.tmp.str = creat.tmp.file$(bse.tmp.dir$() )

	file =, "r")
	file.tmp =, "w")

	seq.gets( record, RECORD.LENGHT, file)

	while not seq.eof(file)
		car = rpos( record, "Página")
		if  car then
			record = record & cf$(1) & " de  " & str$(mipag) & cf$(0)

		seq.puts( record, file.tmp)
		record = ""
		seq.gets( record, RECORD.LENGHT, file)
	seq.puts( record, file.tmp)

	ret = file.cp(file.tmp.str,


Last edited by mark_h : 11th July 2006 at 17:43.
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Old 13th July 2006, 14:04
günther günther is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Ehingen, Germany
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günther is on a distinguished road
Baan: IVc4 - DB: Informix - OS: HP-UX


you've done a great job! I just got it to work on my system and it looks good.

I had to do the following changes:
1. Changed your #define NEW.PAGE.ID into german (...)
2. Changed the spanish string inside the second while-seq.gets-loop into the #define
3. added a seq.unlink(file.tmp.str) at the end of the function to remove the 2nd temp file

And while using the debugger and output to "DL" and "D", I deteced that directly to seq.close(g.lfn) the output got display with ttstpdisplay. So:
4. changed seq.close(g.lfn) into seq.flush(g.lfn)

What remains open:
* The added "of y" ("de y") is always on the right side of the line containing "page ...".
* The Label is hard-coded via a #define. That might become a problem within sessions that switch the language e.g. based on the customer's language.

But that is all for now. Thanks a lot!

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Old 13th July 2006, 14:50
günther günther is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Ehingen, Germany
Posts: 574
günther is on a distinguished road
Baan: IVc4 - DB: Informix - OS: HP-UX
Found a problem

And here comes my problem: When I set one of the report input fields to Ascending or Descending, the report uses a second temp file for sorting. In that case g.lfn seems to behave different and page x of y does not work.

Any ideas?

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Old 30th September 2006, 13:53
raikar_raviraj raikar_raviraj is offline
Senior Member
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Location: Mumbai, India
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Baan: IV c4, ERP Ln 6.1 - DB: SQL Server, Informix - OS: Windows 2003, Unix
Exclamation problem after compiling


I had compiled the code which you had sent.. it gave some errors.. but actually when i ran the report.. it didnt show up any data.

i used the function as it is i.e panigar

The warnings that it gives are
return value of function seq.close ignored
return value of function seq.ret ignored

can u please help me solve this query


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Old 20th February 2018, 12:05
pralash pralash is offline
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Baan: 9.0 - DB: SQL Server - OS: Windows 2012R2
Can you please explain, which one is added to the header layout instead of special variable "page" for getting the page number as Page 1 of 5.... etc
Thanks in advance,
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