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Baan: BAAN IVc3 with A&D2.2b - DB: ORACLE 9 - OS: HPUX
I think you mean pre-defined variable in BAAN.

If it is zero, then everything is o.k.

Otherwise (non-zero) there is an error.

The error can be determined by the number stored in e

Look up Error section in the BAAN Help.

The errors are 'classified' as follows:
1 to 99 are generated by the operating system (UNIX like)
100 to 899 are database errors
(for example: 100 means a duplicate during INSERT)
900 to 999 are network errors

The easiest way to look at the statement 'if not e' is to read it as 'if not error'. (It is a bit backward if one thinks too much about it.).

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