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query extensions


try one of these, i.g. query.extend.where.
BaanERP Programmers Guide

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Query extensions 
Query extensions define conditions that the 4GL engine adds to the SELECT, FROM, and/or WHERE clauses of a database query in order to minimize the number of fields read from the main table and in order to retrieve all reference table fields required by the UI and/or DAL scripts. 

BaanERP provides the following functions for constructing query extensions: 
You can program query extensions in the UI script and/or the DAL script. In the UI script, you program the extensions in the before.program or before.zoom sections. In the DAL script, you program the extensions in the hook. 

For a full discussion of query extensions, see SQL Query extensions.
query.extend.where(" (tisfc001.osta = or tisfc001.osta =", EXTEND_APPEND)

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