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Baan: IVc4 - DB: Oracle 10g - OS: SUSE Linux
Error 301 (Unknown Reference) in Zoom
Baan: Baan IVc4
DB: Oracle 12cR1
C/S: None/Unknown

I have two custom sessions: one zooms to the other. When I do the zoom, I get the error 301, query not correct, unknown reference.

The session I zoom to is based on a custom table, which has a field "cuno" that references tccom010.cuno in the table definition. The form for this session displays both this cuno field and tccom010.nama. The unknown reference error is related to this field. If I remove tccom010.nama, the error goes away.

The Zoom 2 session uses a Type 3 form and the customer and name are multi-occurrence fields.

If I run the zoom to session by itself, I don't get any error. The name displays correctly.

The problem only occurs if I zoom to a view that has more than 10 occurrences (the limit for the session). If it has less than 10, I don't get the error.

The session has this in the Zoom From section:
     import("", | The main view field
If I comment these lines out, I can zoom and manually navigate to the date.
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