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Originally Posted by Carles
Since April of this year, some sessions go more and more slowly everyday..
In our opinion, the only conclusive test was the trace, because it seems that something is done wrong in the program.
Originally Posted by dave_23
Don't those two statements seem to contradict eachother?

I don't think that software degrades with time. =)

I don't think these points are opposed.

If the problem is a bad select in the program, when you have small tables the program could work. As soon as table grows, the program will go more slowly.

But, please, don’t think I assure that the program is not well done. It was my first idea after making all tests and it is an opinion of non Baan expert.

I posted my problem to have opinions of Baan gurus, because maybe the problem could be very different from what I thought.

In any case, thank you for your reflection.


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