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how to change collation name on baandb database (SQL 2000 Server)

Dear Sir,

we have some problem one local character. baandb return local character to ?????? . so we cannot read it.
so we would like to change collation name to new.
but we not idea how to change it on SQL 2000 Server.

we have to try to rebuild master (rebuildm.exe) . but rebuildm will copy x86/data/ master.mdf , .... model.mdf.... but and rebuild all to new collation name. but baandb nerver change it. how to change collation baandb on SQL server.

holply anyone can help me.


Note. Oracle we change solve this problem by modify registry value Name is NLS_LANG and change Value data but SQL 2000 Server, as I know can do only change collation name.
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