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Calculate Currency Difference (GLD) in Ln

Wonder if anyone can share their experience on Calculate currency difference in general ledger, e.g. for foreign currency bank accounts, in Ln?

It appears that if the “Currency Analysis” field in turned to “Required, calc curr diff”, an unique Contra account must be defined. When try to calculate currency difference, the currency difference will be posted to the contra account, instead of the actual bank account. Only at parent level, would give corrected balance in Home currency.

Wonder if anyone can help my questions below:
1). When the foreign currency is credit back out from original account, say, the whole amount (foreign currency becomes zero), the whole transaction will be credited out from the bank account only, nothing will come out from the contra account, this would make both normal account and the contra account have odd balance in home currency, rather than become zero as it has been in foreign currency. My question is, is there anyway to make both accounts to zero in both home and foreign currency?
2). If we can only get the correct home currency balance at parent account level, does that means this kind of account cannot have dimensions? In standard inquiries and reports, parent accounts can not drill to dimension level.
2). Is it possible to not use this method, but make the system calculate currency difference to normal account, rather than contra account? Any parameters can help to realize this?

Many many thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts anyone may have!!
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