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Baan: Baan IV - DB: Oracle - OS: Suse Linux
Unhappy Testing Baan IV on Intel + Linux [a bit long]

Hi all.

I would like to hear from you about my testing of Baan IV on an Intel platform with Linux and Oracle 10g, host mode.

Our live environment is on a Sun Enterprise 10000 with 16 Sparc CPUs 400 Mhz; Solaris 8 + Oracle 8.1.7 DB, host mode.

Test is done on a dual Xeon 3Ghz 64bit (hyper trading on) with 4Gb memory. To evaluate the improvement (or not) I compared the executions of session tipcs5201m000 "Generate Planned PRP Orders" which is used often in our company.

Live execution in multi-bshell (1+7) takes from 3 to 5 hours.
Here come to good news: test execution, same data, one single bshell takes about 1 hour!

Now the bad news: I make tests with multi-bshell and results don't change
With 1+2, 1+4, 1+8 bshells it takes always about an hour. The only thing that changes is the idle CPU: with 1+4 is almost 0%, with 1+8 the idle is always 0%.

I have set hidden parameters in Oracle 10g as suggested by solution 166049 but nothing changes. Kernel parameter are set as required by Oracle.

Any idea about that?

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