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Angry bw failed to connect to baansvr!bshell

Hi Friends,

I'm Beni, I'm new comer in this forum. Currently My company using Baan 5.0c, SQL Server 7, Win. NT 4. I got a big trouble in the Baan server. When I want to log in to Baan there's an error mssg:
"rexec failed host 'baansvr' port 512, username 'baan' command 'f:\baan5/bin"
"error; bw failed to connect to baansvr!bshell"

This happened when the log file in database full and then the user can not continue the transaction with the error mssg :
"fatal error"error 10002(datasbe error 9002) on ttadv997000 in db_insert(51)
The action that wi done is like this:

1. We shutdown the baan server
2. Removed the log file in SQL Query Analyzer (backup log baandb5 with no_log).

And when we try login to baan the error mssg. appear like the above mssg. (bw failed).

Any one can help us to solve this problem......??

Beni Abdullah
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