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Unfortunately we are stuck in our current porting set, which is a different story and I believe I ranted about that already in another thread.

I agree, the fact that it is limited to some sessions is suspicious.

This morning I was being hammered again with this error. I am in the process of creating a variety of dbslogs (again, just for the heck of it), and while doing so, I noticed that the session I am logging (tisfc0101s000, production orders), is reading half the DD as it is loading.

This is something I didn't consider, I thought entering a production order would be a relative simple, or isolated, task.

Now NPRao mentioned in pm that he had seen something similar with a bad file in the DD.
I discarded this possibility because it didn't match the fact that it happens only to certain users.

however, now seeing how much of the DD this session uses, I am focussing my attention in that direction again.
What's more, as I mentioned, bouncing the app seems to have a positive effect.


Could it be that this is a result of corrupted shared memory? But then again, that does not explain why the problem comes and goes without restarting Baan.

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