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Question This discussion is becoming very confusing and is still useless

Hi Steve and others,

I am totally not technical and have been following your discussions with high interest.
However, the last posts by Steve and Jeremy are confusing to me.

Of course SSA Global will only support OpenWorldX and no other interfaces with BAAN. This is in their best interest.
But in the world of today and certainly in that of the tomorrow nobody is waiting for a solution that can be interfaced with only one product.
I was always under the impression that the whole purpose of stuff like XML and SOAP was to expose proprietary systems like BAAN so that you can interface to other systems as well. It should therefore not matter what platform (Cordys BCP, OWX, BizTalk, etc.) is sitting in the middle.

As mentioned in an earlier post I have to repeat again that in fact this entire discussion is useless.
In the end the market will decide what solution/concept will be the winner and what solutions/concepts will be the losers.
One thing I do know is that if SSA is not going to further enhance the exposure of the BAAN software (IV, V and VI Gemini) so that others can interface with BAAN as well they will shoot themselves in the foot.
Customers will recognize that and simply walk away from BAAN and its single door to the scary outside world, OpenWorldX.

I have never understood that BAAN mentality of protecting their ideas, products and vision. The world outside of BAAN is so much bigger and the forces out there are so much stronger. One has to listen to the market and cannot afford to create this self-fullfilling prophecy among employees and supporters. One only has to analyze what happened to the way BAAN VI Gemini was designed and developed initially to understand how BAAN is putting their products and solutions in the market place: a major gap between what the market needs and what the vendor assumes the market needs.
That is the underlying reason why BAAN, and OpenWorldX potentially, failed and that is why I am so concerned customers will never hear about things like this.

Again, I am just a non-technical observer but to me this whole discussion is futile so please do not shoot the messenger.
My two cents is that in the end Microsoft will come up with a single standard that supports both .NET and JAVA and their integration tools will dominate the market. Just like Lance Armstrong dominates the Tour de Lance and the US dominates the political and military agenda in the world. It is all about control. Whether we like it or not.



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