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ERP Vendor Selection

Couple of years ago two of our divisions merged to form one company. Currently one of the division uses Oracle EBS for ERP and we use Baan.

Recently we received directions from the management that we need to consolidated and get on one ERP system. Through internal research, we have it narrowed it down to three ERP vendors at this point: Infor, Oracle and SAP. We would like to have these vendors come out and do the demo so that we can evaluate the best bit in terms of functionality and TOC but we are not clear as to what should be included in the RFP (request for quote) that we are going to send these vendors.

Below are some questions and hoping gurus out there can give us some pointers.
1. Should we document business process and create user requirement ourselves? That would probably be time consuming.
2. Should be hire an outside company that would help us with business process documentation and user requirement creation? Should this company also help us with ERP selection?
3. Other approach is to pick one implementation partner upfront and let them do all the documentation, user requirement and selection. But how many implementation partners are out there that have similar level to resources and expertise in Infor, Oracle and SAP and not biased towards one product?

Has anyone been through similar merger? What approach have you guys taken to handle these type of projects?
Appreciate your feedback.

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