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Cycle Count
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Hi all

Hope my question is posted in the correct forum

We recently introduced scanning using Warehouse Mobility and I have a question about the cycle count transaction.

Once the cycle count order has been generated (tdinv1220m000) and printed, the physical count can start.

Using a handheld scanner, the person doing the count types in the cycle count order number and the parts to be counted are populated on the scanner.
The physical counted quantities are then captured on the scanner (which is the same as tdinv1120m000 in BAAN).
All the parts in our warehouse is barcoded and we have the option the scan our part number.

My question is this:
Is it possible to customize the cycle count logic to tell BAAN which parts you counted and not BAAN tell you which parts to count?

Let's say the location A1 has 100 parts but some of the parts are physically in that location but not located (into A1) in BAAN.
When generating the cycle count order, BAAN will not pick up/"instruct" the counter to count the part which does not belong there.
We are looking for the option to count ANY part in that location and BAAN should pick it up as a variance.

Hope my long winded question makes sense.
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