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Hi ,

I am trying out the mirroring, to have fail safe arrangement.

Let me explain the scenario,
I have a UNIX server with Baan IV and Oracle, and a Windows Server with Baan IV and Oracle.
The purpose of mirroring is to update the tables of same company simultaneously on both servers. In the event if one of the servers fail, the other server can continue to provide Baan services. (Though clients have to change the host name and bse path in BW).

If this works or made to work, provides a very cost effective solution high availability of Baan.

Has anybody tried using Baan method of mirring or any problems faced.

I am concerned about the global commit.
Did some preliminary test on deletion of records in table, keeping the oracle on the remote server down. Baan does not allow update in any of the system. This is very preliminary test and needs testing which is much more comples than this.

Can anybody suggest the test scenario or provide a script for testing?

Thanks in advance.

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