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FM - Carrier selection in freight orders

Hi ,

We are using Ln version 6.1 a.

While using transportation (Freight mgmt), I had enclounter the following issue.

Carrier is defined in logistics table and attached to a supplier ( say "x")

The carrier is defined for a shipping office and planner group (thru session carrier by shipping office and planning group)

when I generate a Fright order for a Purchase order for supplier "Y" ( having warehouse which is attached to same shipping office ) , freight order gets generated for same shipping company and planner group but the carrier field is blank and I am unable to enter value in this field manually as the field is disabled.

When I am trying to generate plan ( direct shipping method ) against the same freight order , error msg "NO carrier available"

One way to reslove this problem is enter carrier in purchase order header / line , then it gets updated in freight order when the freight order is generateded.

But I want planning to select carrier based on the parameter setting ( like cheapest / shortest / fastest)

Do u have any soln .... pls help

Sandeep Marwha
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