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Thumbs up Integrate your ERP with Microsoft Excel

Dear All,

We have the pleasure to inform you about the availability of FCP Excel Link, the most powerful and easy-to-use integration tools of the market that exports any information produced by your ERP Software to Microsoft Excel.

With FCP Excel Link you will be able to:

- Export information from your corporate software to MS Excel without risk of error, handling date, time, text and numerical fields and dealing with all negative format numbers.

- Take advantage to itÂ’s powerful exceptions analyser, for instance to export non-tabulated data, among other options.

- Automatically strip out pipe or other field separator symbols, and remove heading lines.

- Define once and forever all the exportation formats.

- Export to existing MS Excel spreadsheets allowing to update values of pre-designed charts, dynamic tables and all kind of MS Excel object.

FCP Excel Link is a Windows based application (all windows versions are supported: W95, W98, NT, XP, 2000, etc.), is Baan version independent (from TRITON 3.1 to BAAN V/ERP) and database independent (including tbase).

Visit our web-site to get more information at

Download a fully operational demonstration version at

All the best

FCP Consulting
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