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Thanks a lot Han, I think I understood that message, but I was wondering if Baan has something like "mySAP Healthcare" package:
- Manage and coordinate patient care, from pre-registration and bed assignments to patient education
- Access Web-enabled functions for patient management, diagnostics, and therapy
- Assess caseloads, develop and implement treatment strategies, and document clinical care
- Communicate online with providers, payers, patients, general practitioners, hospitals, and suppliers
- Take advantage of powerful data warehousing features for target planning, resource costing, case costing, and outcome management
- Focus customer relationship management on patients, external physicians, employees, donors, and other key customers

At least that's what they claim they have (I didn't test it myself, it's only what I read about it).
Anyway, I think there are some areas that Baan didn't reach although it could have done it, is healthcare one of those?
Can it be easily extended, customized to reach the required functionality?

Thanks again,
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