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Baan: BaanIVc - DB: SQL Server 2000 - OS: Windows
Originally Posted by dave_23
Before you get too far into this.. Are you Level 1 or Level 2 driver. If you're level 1 driver, and you do that trigger, Baan won't be able to see the data in your ttiitm200138 table.

It's Level 2 as far as I remember. Is there a place in Baan to verify it?

Anyway, I found out that this error comes most probably because of "after write" IO transactions of "Maintain Item Data" session.

I tried the trigger with other tables - other maintain sessions. The trigger works with them.

Now, is there a way to avoid "after write" transactions? For instance, Main.Item Data inserts a few tables like tiitm100 after inserting to tiitm001.

And do you know what the hash field Baan creates during table creation is for? When I try to enter a record manually in SQL Ser. Ent.Man., it says hash field cannot be left blank, but it also doesn't allow editing
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