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Material surcharge

I have a question on cost price calculation in BaanIV.

A customer of mine would like to have a material surcharge on purchased material. However, they only want this surcharge when the material is issued for production, in other words, as part of manufactured items' costs, not as part of the purchased item's standard costs.

I set up the following test case:
- Purchased item A in the BOM of manufactured item B
- Purchased item A has an item group different from manufactured item B
- Purchased item A has a cost component different from manufactured item B
- I defined a surcharge by item group for manufactured item B,
with a material surcharge on the cost component of purchased item A

Such a material surcharge only works if you define it as a percentage of total costs, not as a percentage of additional costs, since these additional costs seem to be for operations costs only.

For a BOM with one level this works fine.

However, if manufactured item B is in the BOM of another item C with the same item group as B, the material surcharge on purchased material is applied twice.

Has anyone had this problem before?
Any creative ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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