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Seeking explanation of tax calculations Net, Gross, etc.
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I would appreciate if someone can describe for me how the tax calculations are supposed to work in Baan 5.0c. I'm the IT Director of our company and I'm currently in a disagreement with a consultant on the nature of tax processing. I have gone to Baan Support but I can't get an explanation I can understand.

We are implementing a VAT tax system for one of our companies. There are three tax settings that can be entered in tcmcs0136s000: Net, Gross, and Gross over Hundred.

I'll use a manually entered purchase invoice as an example. My understanding is that when I use tfacp1110s000 to enter an invoice for processing I should get results like these based on the tax type in use on the tax code I'm using for the invoice.

Invoice amount = 100, tax rate = 17.5, tax calculated = 17.50

Invoice amount = 100, tax rate = 17.5, tax calculated = 14.89

Gross over Hundred
Invoice amount = 100, tax rate = 17.5, tax calculated = 17.50

Further, if after entering the invoice amounts I then go to enter detail lines using session tfacp1112s000, using the Gross over Hundred method the system reduces the invoice amount to 82.50 and leaves the tax calculated amount at 17.50.

In our system, using the Net method the system I enter an amount of 100 and the system treats it like a Gross calculation, calculates a tax of 14.90 and reduces the invoice amount to 85.10.

This Net calculation doesn't seem right but Baan Support says that this is the way it is designed to work.

This seems like a simple topic but I'm having trouble getting a simple answer. Can anyone help explain it to me?
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