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display sessions and domains

It is not mandatory to use field 'ttadv301.zprg' to get session code . In fact if the form field code begins with 'tt' , it should be able to return the session code .

Further there are other displays sessions like ttadv2505s000 / ttadv2506s000 which gives more choice .e.g. U can get the session on any field code beginning with tf , tg and tu also. If the field code is table field from other packge , u can deploy following code in before.zoom section to get the session code .

timmmnnn.cccc =$("ttadv2506s000" ,z.session , "tuabcd","",0)
attr.zoomcode = 0
For display domains , it's very strict . The zoomname must be tuxch014.domn

	ttadv400.cpac  = tudll989.domn(1;2)
	cpac = tudll989.domn(1;2)
	ttadv400.cdom = tudll989.domn(3)
	tudll989.domn =$("ttadv4505s000",z.session,"tuxch014.domn","",0)
	attr.zoomcode = 0
Original discussion in may be relevent.

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