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BOD Bll confusing

Hi, All,

After read the document Infor Ln Studio Integration Development Guide. It seems that I am more confusing about it.

In the bo module, there are a lot of script for BOD, such like boxxx blxxx sb 00 and boxxx blxxx st00.

Not sure about the whole flow on it, such like in the LN side, in DAL level, if required, it will set a flag to active BOD publish. Then which script will be called finally? sb00 or st00 ?

And in ION side, the third party software, will send a BOD document to ION, and ION will send the BOD to LN, which script will be called? sb00 or st00? Further more, it seems st00 will call more detail functions (such like whboddllxxxx for example).

Am I in the right way?


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