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Do you have any idea why Installation wizard try to install old patch? Is there any workaround for upgrade? I remember from previous upgrades that it's possible to upgrade application without install all PMC solutions that are already installed in old FP but I forgot how to do it - think that I have to set one variable but can't remember which one.
Refer to the Solution Info on the Baan Support's knowledgebase:
SolutionID 209469
Solution Description
English Possibilty to install Feature Pack updates without additional individual solutions

The default behavior of PMC is unchanged. PMC will by default still enforce the same solution level. However, you can change this default behavior by setting the environment variable PMC_IGNORE_SOL=1. Note that if you install the Service Pack in an already existing Update VRC, the solutions that were installed in that Update VRC for the previous Service Pack will also be installed for the new Service Pack. So, the option to ignore additional solutions only applies to solutions of other Update VRCs.

You can specify the environment variable in different ways:
1. In the command field of the BW configuration file (-set PMC_IGNORE_SOL=1). In this way the setting only applies to the user that uses this configuration.
2. In $BSE/lib/bse_vars (add the line PMC_IGNORE_SOL=1). If you use the Installation Wizard you can add this line when you are asked to change the bse_vars configuration file. In this way the setting applies to all users.
It is recommended to remove this setting after each Service Pack installation.
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