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Baan: IVc4 SP14 (Tools SP 21) ; LN 6.1 (Testing) - DB: Oracle - OS: Solaris
We are now ~9 years live with baan IV (680 users). I think we will change in 4-6 years. Our next system will not be baan (european decission, not a decission of the german department). We've made many customizations, but most is completely new (own development, meanwhile 95%-99% internal).
For my pitty we will not go to LN. Development/Cutomizing/Optimisation is easy in Baan IV if you know what you are doing (like always ). In this case you also don't have so much problems with updates/new service packs. It is a great base system for customizations. In LN (as far I've seen it) it is more complex, but you have much more possibilitys (and many features we've programmed).

I think baan IV will go end of live if the last customer leaves the platform - or stops paying for support. Whatever comes first.

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