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NO Transport order generated

Dear All

My sales order has following steps (Order step are common for both cases)

Copy Sales Order to transport
Generate outbound advice
Maintain Deliveries
Maintain Packing Slips
Process Excise invoice
Print sales Invoice

Case 1:

In case of standard items (Order Policy Anonymous) as soon as sales Order is maintained in session tdsls4110m000 & saved system pops up message “ Copy to Transport order—Yes/ No”. (Sales parameter is set to interactive while copying sales order to transport order)

If I choose YES it automatically generate Transport Order Corresponding to maintained Sales Order.

Case 2:

In case of Standard Item with Order policy “ TO Order”, a project is generated for each sales order. But when sales order is saved though system asks for copying it to Transport Order & we choose –YES, it is not copied to Transport order.

Where as when we go to session “trtoc2200m000 Copy Sales Order to transport order” & manually choose the sales order to be copied here, system generates Transport Order.

We have checked all distribution & Transportation parameters & master data at our end but didn’t find any control parameter in case of Standard Item with Order Policy “ To Order”

Kindly revert back ASAP

In case more information required pls feel free to contact


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