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Originally Posted by positive
We have the following environment:
We try to connect the Baan server via the Remote server using a Remote bshell.

We already have the Baan user (ubaan) on the server
The database user also exists
We created the remote user and converted it to runtime (rbaan)
We moved this rbaan file to $BSE\lib\user of Remote Server
We set the BSE_REM on the Remote server to 'remote' (i.e. Remote server name)
We created a bwc on the remote server with the following config:
hostname: remote
connect as: baan
pwd: baan999 (this is the password used for the database as well as remote user)
BSE: As on remote server i.e. c:\Baan4c4

The ubaan file exists on the Baan Server.

Now we run the rbaan.bwc on the Remote Server BECS client and we get the following error:
Not authorized to run as user 'baan'
Windows Sockets error 10053
Connection with server broken

We do not have any change in the network setup. We have done this in the past and it was working.
The regular ubaan (non-Remote shell mode) login works fine.
Remote user file (r file) does not have to be moved to remote server . It contains references to the remote system. IT must remain in baan server.In remote server separate remote user file (r file ) has to be created.

Further on remote server also there should be user file (u file ) if BSE_REM is not set.