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10 projects to enhance Baan

The following is a list of projects implemented in 2004 at different Baan clients, with the help of NAZDAQ.

If you have such plans or similar for 2005, please contact us

1. Automate the process of delivering Purchase Orders to suppliers by emailing and Faxing directly out of Baan

2. Allow your Process Engineers to automatically link from Baan Items to AutoCAD Drawings and allow your service engineers to Access pictures and Word Documents from within Maintain Service Order.

3. Archive all invoices in a PDF data warehouse in order to be able to access a hardcopy of any invoice produced in the last seven years.

4. Allow Sales People to make professional quotations by pulling data from Baan into an MS-Word template.

5. Make month-end closing an easy job by allowing your Finance Department to transfer data from Baan to Excel in one click

6. Create better workflow by establishing a mechanism for Notifying users by email for every change made in Item Data.

7. Load Bills of Materials and Reference Designators entered in OrCAD directly into E-Items and E-BOMs

8. Print Barcode Labels on your Production Order Documents, Packing slips and Receipt Notes.

9. Email your suppliers a list of their late Purchase Orders, and email your customers a list of their late payments. All done in a nightly job.

10. Export Data from Baan in XML format and send it to your business partners. Import Data received from business partners into Baan.

For more information about one of these solutions, please feel free to contact us.

- Bader

Visit our web site at

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