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Temporary device file created in BaaN report printing

Hi all,

This is my first post in the BaaN forum.

I have one query regarding the temporary file that got created while running reports. When one of our users ran a customised session for report printing, the size of the temporary file that gets created in $BSE/tmp path increased upto 122 MB and just at the end of the report, the file size reduced to 0.8 MB (In device que, I checked the name of file in table ttaad320 corresponding to the report. The actual name of the file in ttaad320 was different. Please note that the actual file used in repeat request was a different file). In between the execution, the size of the file increased to such a high value and reduced to .8 MB.
It is obvious that this file was used by BaaN report for sorting and some other operations. Can anyone tell me why such a high size file is created ? Is there any alternative that a programmer can use to prevent creation of such high-size files in between ?