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Play the Google Game!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting our reputable ranking member Vamsi in person this weekend. Inevatably we talked a little about Baanboard, and one of the things we both noted was how poorly our home away from home ranks in the search engines.

A current google search on the term 'baan' lists respectively:

1. SSA
2. IT Toolbox
3. BaanFans
4. BWU


BaanBoard does not occur in the first 200 references.

Here are some other terms and rankings:

Term: 'Baan help' rank: >200
Term: 'Baan community' rank: 5
Term: 'Baan ERP' rank: >200

So here is the game. As a team of 7.5k worldwide users who use baan and believe Baanboard is the only toolbox we need, we are going to hijack that number 2 position.

SSA can have their no. 1 throne, but we will be next in line.

The rules are simple for there is only one: Don't get Baanboard or Patrick in trouble.
The effect of link farms and other Google-steroids is questionable. Google is certainly aware of these methods and may actually penalize our score. More on Google's methodology later.

1. Link, link, link. If there is no baanboard link on your homepage yet, put one there now. Make sure the word 'baan' is in the link. for instance, don't say BaanBoard but say Best BaaN Community .

2. Start a blog now. For the time being blog-o-spheres are great linking machines.

3. Use baanboard in your sig. On other forums that you might visit, but also here.

4. Talk about Baan on other places and as always, link back to

5. Suggest changes to that will have a positive impact on our ranking. To help you in determining what will work best, here is the official Google ranking algorithm, not to be confused with the various urban legends about google scoring that you will find on the net.

So have at it! Go have some fun and lets see how soon we can drive IT Toolbox out of its seat. I will post frequent updates on our google score in this thread.


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