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Karl's answer below is already pretty complete. Here's my summary of products. It's not as complex as it seems.

First of all, following a general characterization of CRM, as is done by press and analysts, CRM consists of three areas and Baan has products in each of these: marketing, Sales, and Service.

This is the most easy one as Baan has only one product here, MarketingPlus, for marketing automation, list and event management, including costing, scripting, and lead management. This product is integrated with Call Center functionality from third party Apropos.

One the Sales side of CRM, Baan has 3 products, each addressing a specific sales channel:
SalesPlus for mobile, direct sales, working both offline and online. Functionality includes catalog, pricing, proposal management, funnel and opportunity management, contact manaement.
SalesPoint a web based application for indirect sales channels such as resellers, distributors. Functionality includes opportunity and contact management, proposal generation, pricing, catalog. As a note: some of Baan's customers are using this also for their direct sales channels when there's no need for detached use or a high need for real time availability of the latest data.
E-Sales a web based solution for 'unassisted sales'. Basically a 'web shop' application that can be used by customers directly or anyone else who wants to place an order online. Functionality includes: order management, catalog, pricing.

In addition, each of these sales applications work out of the box with Baan's sales and product configuration products which are also sold separately since they are truly the market leading products in this domain. The configuration product line consists of:
ConfigurationPlus: client/server based sales and product configurator
E-Configuration: web based sales and product based on the same technology as ConfigurationPlus with 'just' a different user interface, allowing for web access while using the same product models as in ConfigurationPlus.
E-Configuration Enterprise: the latest release of configuration technology available for both client/server and web. This product is now being introduced, starting for Engineer-to-Order companies. Over time, this product will replace the current configurators.

Baan has 3 products in the service area, in addition to the Service module in ERP (Baan IV, Baan ERP 5.x and the coming ERP Gemini release) which serves as a (fulfillment) backbone of many service oriented companies.

E-Service is a web based application for customer selfservice including a knowledge base, FAQ, trouble shooting, tracking, service requests, and agent support.
E-Service Remote for field service including service order management, dispatching, time tracking, costing, configuration management
Service Scheduler for interactive planning, scheduling and dispatching for equipment related service and maintenance.

That's our products.

As for other terms you may have heard/seen:

iBaan; the general brand name for all of Baan's products.

iBaan for CRM; a strategy for companies that lead with a strategy of customer intimacy, versus product excellence or operational excellency. The implentation of this strategy may require CRM product, but also other products and will largely depend on the business strategy of the company.

Baan CRM; business unit in Baan responsible for the products listed above

iCRM; someone made this one up. Was never formally used in any Baan product or anything else.

Invensys CRM; at one point in time, Baan's CRM product were co-branded under the Invensys name (Baan's owner). The business unit was then named Invensys CRM. This name is no longer used.

E-Enterprise; a former development group in Baan that initiated the development of web based applications 6 years ago. This group no longer exists as the development of web based applications has become mainstream of all development groups

E-Enterprise Server; a common infrastructure used by various of Baan's web based applications including E-Sales and E-Service.

Hope this clarifies it all,


Patric Timmermans
Director Solution Marketing CRM & PLM
SSA Global
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