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Baan: B50c - DB: sql - OS: WIN NT
Fixed Run Number in Generate Outbound
Baan: iBaanERP 5.0c

I was wondering if there is a simple method of using a fixed/default Run Number within the Generate Outbound Advice process.

We do not have an issue when you run this session manually as the desired Run Number is typically defaulted from the last time that the session was open. Also, the user has the option to enter the correct Run if not defaulted correctly.

The issue arises where the user performs a Direct Release which automatically generates its own, next free, Run Number - based on some predetermined structure (oyyyymmdd9999).

We would like to use the same Run Number regardless of which process is used to generate the Outbound Advice. This will help us in our bar-coding efforts as some of these (interface) screens do prompt for a Run - which the shopfloor guys will not know. A fixed Run makes life a lot easier.


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