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How to prevent passing of hints generated by Oracle Driver ?

Hi all,

We are facing a typical problem with BaanERP 5.0b with Oracle 8.05 as the back-end.

We have found that whenever any query is fired from a Standard Baan session to Oracle, it is sometimes getting wrong hints at Oracle side.

E.g. - Our query at Baan level is as follows :-

select tdsls401.orno, tdsls401.pono, tdsls401.srnb, tdsls401.cuno
from tdsls401
where tdsls401._index1 = {:orno.f}
order by tdsls401._index1

If we run query this query in a Baan session, it gets hint as "Full Scan".
When we fire the same query at Oracle level, it gets hint as "Index_Scan".

And, it is resulting into drastic difference in performance.

Likewise, the Baan session is running very slow.
If we run the same query at Oracle level, it is nearly 8 times faster than that at Oracle level. !!!

What might be the reason for this ? Is there any way at Baan end to prevent hints passed to Oracle ?

Details of our system are as follows :-
Server - HP
Backend - Oracle 8.0.5
BaanERP Version - 5.0b
Porting Set - 6.2a.03.01
Statistics Analyze - regularly, on a weekly basis.


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