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In the manuals of Baan IV/V pstat function is not fully documented. There are some macros that can retrieve information from pstats's output. Only the first three macros (ps.state, & ps.parent) are documented. I have luckily found other macros that do work on Baan IV.

Here is the full list:
ps.state(info) | returns PSRUNNING, PSBLOCKING, PSSLEEPING, or PSTERMINATING. | returns the identifier of the process group to which the process belongs.

ps.parent(info) | returns the identifier of the parent process of the process group.

ps.nice(info) | returns the nice value of the process.

ps.cpu.use(info) | returns the number of ticks used by the process.

ps.mwin(info) | returns the object id of the main window of the process.

ps.pri(info) | returns the priority of the process.

ps.size(info) | returns the amount of memory allocated by the process (in bytes).

ps.cwin(info) | returns the object id of the current window of the process
After that, I checked in the LN manuals and the function was fully documented (with all the macros)! I thought I will post the full documentation here so others can see those undocumented macros also in Baan IV & V.

- George
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