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Hi Mihai,

Although it is a bit late some remarks:
- As you did not say where you come from, we can't say if performance will improve
- As mentioned by Pet, the performance can maximal be as fast as the weakest link. If CPU's are ok, but you use e.g. 1 big USB drive you are lost. The same applies for all the other components.

In general:
- Measure what the load is now (on all components (CPU's memory, IO, network etc)
- If you have an issue somewhere make sure you get this part at least better next time
- Determine what you need for OLTP and batch. Remember that for OLTP the load is spread is accros all CPU's while for (most) batch the load is on one CPU/core/thread. In the later case it could be that a batch can perform slower if the thread spead of the new system is slower compared to the CPU speed of the older system.

So, cores are nice for more power on the box with less energy consumption, but can hurt batch sessions if the thread spead is slower than what you had before.

Of course also other things can make a big difference like the different caches (L1, L2, L3) and the backplane of box.

To put above in one line: More CPU's is not always better.

Hope this helps,
BTW: this post has been made on my personal view. My employer might not share my point of view.
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