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Slow sessions


Since April of this year, some sessions go more and more slowly everyday.

Due to this problem, we had carried several tests, in both hardware and software, without success:

1.First thing we did, was to the check integrity of DB. No problem was found.
2.Then, we re-installed Baan and DB in different computers. So now, we are running Baan ERP 5.0C service pack 10 in one machine with Windows 2003 OS and MS-SQL 2000 – LEVEL 2 in other machine with Windows 2000 OS.
3.We audit our internal network and no problem was found.
4.We traced some sessions that go slowly. For example, we traced tdsls4201s000 (copy sales orders lines) when we copied only 10 lines and we found a lot of SQL sentences (102968 selects of table whinr110 or 91279 selects of table tdsls401, between others).

In our opinion, the only conclusive test was the trace, because it seems that something is done wrong in the program.

Besides if we erase all entries in table whinr110, the time to copy 10 lines in the mentioned session drops from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 15 seconds only.

Is there anyone who had similar problems before? Is so, what was the solution?

Please, do not suggest to run the delete sales order history session because it is not working well with service pack 10 and due to the personalizations it is difficult to update to service pack 15.

Thank you.

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