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SSA ERP-NL / Baan V6 is it Vaporware ?

We had a meeting with our new SSA Global Sales Exec last week.

He was keen to ask all the salesman questions as to our plans etc whilst seeking to not impart much information in return. He did say that SSA ERP-NL is now available but he either could not or would not say whether it had modules to address all of our 4c4 implementation, what additional features it may have or when we may get some concrete information on it and/or migration process.

We have had no contact or response since the meeting which was one week ago. This is strange to say the least for a new sales person who is dealing with one of the largest and most comprehensive implementations of Baan in this country/region.

We may yet have to dust-off our software contingency plans and bite-the-bullet.

It would be interesting to know if SSA are being more evangelistic in other markets.

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