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Originally Posted by hdruiter
Jeremy, it makes no sence to continue making wrong statements. Jan Baan is the only person within Cordys that is linked to the old Baan management, and he left in the summer of 1997, thats when Baan was at its peak.
Hmmm, that's odd, who was that guy that I met when I first started working with Baan in Jan. 1998 then? He said he was Jan Baan, he looked like Jan Baan, he sounded like Jan Baan. By George, it WAS Jan Baan. If you want to chastise someone about incorrect information, please be certain that you have correct information yourself. Jan was with the company well into the slide. I am pretty certain that it was summer 1998 before he left, but he was definitely there when the downward spiral began.
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