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Unhappy text.write does not return new text number

We are using text.write function to create Sales Order texts from .txt files. After changing to poting set 6.1c.06.07 and
upgrading to SP11 text.write functions is returning existing text number instead of creating new text.

eg :

Existing text no 23456 having 1 line of text
tmp.file is a text file having 15 lines of text

Code: =  text.write( "", "2", kw1,kw2, kw3, kw4, "", "",  tmp.file )

if < 0 then
	message("Error Writing Text for Order No /n %d", tdsls040.orno)
	message("Writing Text for Order No /n %d", tdsls040.orno)

Code: =  text.write( "", "2", kw1,kw2, kw3, kw4, "", "",  tmp.file ) = 15 -> this is right, as expected it should return the number of line written which is 15 -> should return a new text number, instead it returns 23456, which already exists

I get the message "Writing Text for Order No ...", which means transaction is commited.
Now if you see text 23456 in Maintain Texts it shows the original text with 1 line.

As I see it text.write is not creating a new text for some reason.

Am I missing something here?, Baan support is unable to help (as usual !!).


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