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Question Adding a line to a Sales Order.

I am currentlly working on a project to customize tdsls4102s000 Sales order line session to assigned the Planned Delivery Date based upon inventory levels.

The users want me to be able to split the order line automatically if we do not have enough stock to fullfill the order line quantity. For example a customer would like 10 Item 1's. We have 5 in stock and another 20 coming in on a PO next friday.

I would have to change the order quantity on the current line to 5 for Planned delivery date of today and add another Sales order line for 5 next Friday.

I have never attemped to add a sales order line to an order in Baan. Normally this is a project we would stay away from, but this new feature would be a great benefit to our Customer Service department.

I have been trying to find a routine in Baan to allow me to do this easily and safely. Anybody have any experience in doing this?

Thanks for your help.
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