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"ready-to-go" company / something like SAP R/3 IDES

We are a university institution that benchmarks ERP systems against each other. Currently we want to compare some functions in Baan ERP with SAP R/3.

We have just set up Baan ERP 5.0c.

When we tried to implement a simple manufacturing process in Baan we had to take notice of the fact the demo-company 902 is a rather an uncompleted company (training purposes; but NOT ready-to-go).

What I am still looking for is something like a "ready-to-go company" to set up some typical business processes.

In the first approach we do not want to configure that much but focus on to get a general overview of the functionalities of Baan ERP without getting to much into the configuration work (e.g. set up a new compony on our own).

SAP provides IDES as a basic demonstration system, so: the question comes up whether Baan has something like that too.

>> Question: Does somebody know something about such a demo system? Is there a COMPLETE and ready-to-run demo company available somewhere?

Thanks for any tips in advance!

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