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Extract of the file...

| Notes for posting on
| This was posted initially to in August 2000.
| Joy Conner's posting for this functionality has prompted me to look it up
| in my archives.
| It would be nice if someone irons out the logic to be generic for both
| Unix and NT. As usual my Achille's heel continues to be documentation.
| Will some kind soul write documentation for this. Also possible is to combine
| this script with the one posted by Mark Holland at 
| ~Vamsi
| 7th December, 2001
                        long            ret
                        string          tmp.file(1024)
                        string          pdf.tmp.file(1024)

        #pragma used dll ottdllbw
        #pragma used dll ottdllinputstr

function main()
                        long            i
                domain  tcmcs.str100    local.path

        | Convert the report file
        tmp.file = creat.tmp.file$( bse.tmp.dir$() )
        wait.and.activate("ttstpconv", argv$(1), tmp.file, argv$(3), argv$(4))
        | ensure argv$(3) has a value "POSTSCRIPT"
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