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Post DEV: Extend Baan code without sources

Trying to work without Baan code has been an issue for quite a while. Those who discovered QKEY know that 4GL sessions can be customized to a good extent without the source code. The idea of creating an equivalent has been in my mind for quite a while now. About a year ago I wrote a little bit of code as a proof of concept. And it has been stagnating ever since. I made an attempt to create a list of volunteer developers through this thread without much success. People just did not say anything after receiving the code. I just do not know if they did not understand what the code did (very possible - I sent it out with practically no documentation - just like now) or they expected me to give a fully working script (this is not true even now - notice the DEV in the heading).

However inadequate the two scripts that I am posting may be, they do work (or atleast did before I made changes :)).

Deliverables expected at the end of this project:
  • a name for this project/product
  • documentation
  • technical design so that the maintenace can be easy
  • added features like ease of use / being not affected by changes to Baan standard object

Please try this program and post changes. Thanks to Krishna Eranki / Praveen Ambekar / Patrick Van der Veken (in chronological order of their contributions) for making this possible.
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