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Question Generate Project Structure from sls order

When I insert a sales order line for a Standard Item with order policy “Anonymous”, I sometime want to generate project structure out of the order line and make the item at the line customized. The standard functionality for this worked until a few days ago, but doesn’t work anymore.
I have found some “workaround’s”, but find them a little bit heavy. The workaround are:

1. We can change order policy on the item before we generate project structure, generate project structure and then change the order policy to anonymous again.
2. We can copy the standard item to the project and maintain the project part manually.

The session “Generate Project Structure from Sales Order” (tipcs2240s000) should have done this job, but it doesn’t work for anonymous items.

We installed some patches (for Finance) last week, can it cause the problem?
Have anyone of you seen this problem, and do you know how to solve it?

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