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APR Document not linked
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There is a situation, Purchase invoice Approval document was generated and posted to GL(tfgld106) includes AP invoice details(ctyp,cinv) in LN 10.2 but not linked to AP table tfacp200(tapr, liqd).AP invoice status(tfacp200.stap) remains shows same as matched.

User running reports for pending invoice for approvals, in this case this invoice comes up and shows approval pending and user approve it again. A new APR document is linked and updated in tfacp200 this time.

This issue is reported during month end activity when GL is reported OOB.

We are having purchase invoice approval issue once in every month, match and approval invoice session(tfacp2280m000) is running in a Job everyday.
Please let me know your thoughts with possible reasons causing this issue.Your help will be much appreciated.

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