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Hi all,
I'm developing a session extension with Tools 10.5 which should create and save a predefined text in purchase order footer. I've tried both via external variable or via database text field, text is created but I'm not able to commit the transaction and save it. I'm using DAL

ret = dal.change.object("tdpur400")
ret ="tdpur400")


ret = dal.change.object("tdpur400")
dal.set.field("tdpur400.txtb", text_nr)
ret ="tdpur400")

or even db update funtions

db.update(ttdpur400, db.retry)

but transaction cannot be completed with DAL error

Record ... cannot be saved in table Purchase Orders in company ...

If I commit just the text.write function, a text is correctly saved in the database, but it can't be linked to my entity (which is a purchase order). Can someone help me?

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