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Red face Getting item description through Baan OLE automation

Hi all,

I have little or no experience related to Baan OLE automation, but i want to explore it. I want to perform a simple task as shown below:

pass an item code using stpapi.put.field
search the item record using stpapi.find
get the value of item description using stpapi.get.field

For this I have written attached code in Excel VBA. I have debugged code in VBA and it gives an error message indicating invalid number of arguments whereas I am passing three argument (sessioncode,tablefield,getfield) to stpapi.get.field function.

getfield is excel vba variable.

BaanObj.ParseExecFunction "ottstpapihand", "stpapi.get.field(" & Chr(34) & SessionName & Chr(34) & "," & Chr(34) & "tiitm001.dsca" & Chr(34) & "," & getfield & ")"

Can anybody guide me how to write the above statement correctly in VBA so that I will get item description in getfield variable ?

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