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Baan IV and Infor LN on the same Windows server
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Hello all,

we are planning to move Baan IV and Infor LN from Linux/oracle into Win /SQL environment. The plan is that we will have only one server for both applications. In the past, I already did it and there were no problems. But because of new OS and databese version I have to install Baan IV using portingset from Infor LN. So, my question is: isi it possible to have Baan IV and Infor LN ond the same Windows server, both applications use Infor LN portingest? Of course, applications will be on different folders (C:\baan, C:\infor), but I am not sure about "Global Files Directory". Can I choose different folders for Baan and Infor LN? Let say: C:\baan\commonx64 and C:\Infor\ERPLN\commonx64.

Thanks in advance.
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